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Turn Your Truck Fleet in to a Call to Action
Advertising Vehicle

You are already spending huge advertising dollars — why not use your own truck fleets as your own advertising medium?

Your truck fleet is one of your greatest untapped assets to promote your business. Your trucks may have nothing on them, your logo on them, or they may have a branding wrap. Why not use your truck fleet to reach out to your target customers with your own Call to Action advertisement?

Every day your truck fleet is passing thousands upon thousands of potential customers. In major cities, each truck can pass over 1 Million potential customers each month. Smaller cities can reach over 500,000 potential customers.

Let us show you how RPMB Marketing can assist you in reaching thousands of new potential customers using your current trucking assets.

Nothing will get the attention of a consumer quite as effectively as an advertisement that’s as big as a truck.


of people believe that mobile ads are more effective than any other form of outdoor advertising

Don’t just promote your brand, call your target market to action

Opportunities and Options

  • Frame systems are adaptable and easy to use
  • Change banners as often as you like—swap out your main banner to call to action ads
  • Banners can be stored or reused
  • RPMB can change out banners for you
  • Use your Co-op Dollars

How Can You Call Customers to Action?

  • Clearout Sales
  • Christmas in July
  • Sidewalk Sales
  • Monthly Promotions
  • Black Friday
  • Spring Savings
  • Short Term Promos

Nothing sells better than an ad the size of a truck

RPMB Stats & Facts • Frame Systems

Canadian commuters spend an average of 12 hours a week in their vehicle, and the average truck, driven 24,000 kilometres a year, will pass by 9 million vehicles. Truck ads produce between 500,000 and 1,500,000 impressions monthly. Needless to say, this is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to leverage a captive audience that pays attention to what they see on the trucks that pass them daily.

  • Mobile Billboards offer tremendous reach and demographic diversity.
  • Mobile billboards — a new medium that will deliver in new and established markets.
  • Affordable and effective, mobile billboards offer maximum reach at minimal cost.


of people – of all income levels, ages, genders and backgrounds – are reached by truck ad marketing


of in-car audiences indicated that they noticed truck side ads


of people thought that truck ads create a positive image


of people said they view and read graphics on a truck


of people indicated that truck ads caused them to visit a store within one week


of people recall seeing an ad on a truck


of mobile ad viewers indicate they base buying decisions on the ads they see on trucks

The Choice of Two Frame Systems


Both our frame systems, when installed correctly, will last the lifetime of the truck trailer; travelling without fail up and down Canadian highways without drag that would lead to additional fuel costs.

System One: A lightweight, durable metal material, attractive and riveted to the trailer for strength and optimum aerodynamics. Anodized aluminum ensures the frame’s long-term beauty.

System Two: An ultra-lightweight polymer material, rivet, belt- and rust-free, installed with an industrial-grade adhesive that is ultra-strong and drag-free.

System One

• Lightweight
• Durable Metal
• Attractive
• Aerodynamic
• Anodized Aluminum
• Drag Free
• Rivet Attached

System Two

  • Lightweight
  • Polymer
  • Rust Free
  • Ultra Strong
  • Drag Free
  • Attached with Industrial Strength Adhesive