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RPMB Mobile Billboards
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Huge. New. Effective. Affordable. A marketing concept whose time is now!

Concept Details

RPMB Mobile Billboards is an opportunity that involves capitalizing on the very large metal marketing canvasses you know as the truck trailer, to create a medium that will take the Canadian media market by storm.

Successful Advertising

Here at home in Canada some of the world’s most successful and most astute marketers have realized the benefits of adorning their own trailers in these self-promoting banner ads.

Truck Lines, White Lines and Bottom Lines

We’re inviting you to partner with us to create a new advertising medium, one we believe will take the marketing world by storm.

Nothing will get the attention of a consumer quite as effectively as an advertisement as big as a truck.

Frame Systems

Invisible Frame Systems

The patented frame system is rivet and belt free. It adheres to metal, glass and Fiberglas. It is invisible when the banner is installed and barely visible when the banner is removed.

The frame system is made of high strength polymers, reliable for long-term reusability and it will not rust.

The frame weighs only eight pounds and projects less than ¼” from a 53’ trailer.

The patented vinyl banner frame system meets US DOT and Transport Canada restrictions. It has been successfully tested at speeds up to 120 kms per hour for consistent periods and 192 kms impact speed with two vehicles passing very close to one another.

The system will withstand extreme Canadian winters and summers.

It has been in continuous commercial use for over five years and 15 million miles without failure. And if professionally installed should last the life of the trailer.

Invisible Frame System Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Incredibly strong, easy to install and remove without damaging the substrate surface, the frame systems are adaptable, available in any square or rectangular shape, custom cut and installed in mere hours. And banners can be changed in minutes, as often as the client likes or once the contract has expired and a new client found.

The banner material and print products are incredibly durable and are guaranteed to last the term of the advertising contract with normal wear and tear and weather conditions.

(In the case of copy changes or vandalism, the product will be replaced or repaired at the cost of the advertiser. Damage caused by driver error will be the responsibility of the truck company).

Metal Frame Systems

The KWIK ZIP Changeable System makes advertising on trucks easy!

KWIK ZIP Truck Graphics

Unlike traditional truck wraps, KWIK ZIP is a frame system with truck graphics printed on one continuous, seamless, smooth 32 oz vinyl sheet that fits tighter than a drum.

High print resolution ensures crisp and vivid truck ads and unforgettable advertisements. The truck graphics are coated with a durable and scuff-resistant shield, which stays clean longer and holds up against graffiti.

KWIK ZIP Installation

Installation of the KWIK ZIP system can be completed in less than one hour. Once the frame has been installed, graphics can be changed out in about 30 minutes per trailer. Vehicle downtime is at a minimum.

KWIK ZIP can be installed right over old truck decals, and rusty equipment, instantly giving trucks an extreme makeover. The system can be installed in any weather condition.

Advantages / Disadvantages
  • Truck graphics can be changed, stored and re-installed
  • Truck ads installation is very quick
  • Installation in rain, snow and over 100° F
  • Installation of truck graphics in any weather or climate
  • Installation over old truck graphics
  • One seamless, continuous truck graphic