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Successful Advertising

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Here at home in Canada some of the world’s most successful and most astute marketers, including President’s Choice, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Tim Hortons, Save On Foods, U Haul and Co-op (and many others) have realized the benefits of adorning their own trailers in these self-promoting banner ads.

These industry leading companies are already setting aside large portions of their promotional budgets to promote in this somewhat unconventional, still to be proven, way.

Obviously, they can imagine the inherent value and the promotional upside without having it confirmed by reporting agencies or statistics.

If its good enough for these advertising front runners—with all their resources, history and marketing successes—then who are we to argue with the viability for other advertisers even without extensive monitors or statistical proof.

  • Mobile billboards are intrusive and invasive but not aggravating or annoying.
  • Mobile billboards offer tremendous reach and demographic diversity.
  • Mobile billboards provide large scale impact and long-term subliminal effect.
  • Mobile billboards—a new medium that will deliver new and established markets.
  • Mobile billboards is an uncontested medium for adventurous advertisers who act promptly.
  • Affordable and effective, mobile billboards offer maximum reach at a minimum cost.