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Truck Lines, White Lines and Bottom Lines

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We’re inviting you to partner with us to create a new advertising medium, one we believe will take the marketing world by storm.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—RPMB Mobile Billboards is an opportunity to utilize a current asset (your trailers) to generate a revenue stream that did not previously exist without adding miles on the road, investing in capital purchases, improving efficiency or increasing rates.

Your role in the process is easy

  1. Lease us space on your trailers for a monthly fee each and every time a banner appears.
  2. Promise to maintain and clean trailers for most effective presentation.
  3. You will receive payment for lease quarterly.

Be prepared to earn revenue every month thereafter for as long as we can sell banners and for the life of the trailer and frame system.

That’s it—there are no ongoing operational costs or further expenditures.

You simply have to give up the first six months revenue to build the asset and revenue for years to come.