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RPMB Mobile Billboards is an opportunity that involves capitalizing on the very large metal marketing canvasses you know as the truck trailer, to create a medium that will take the Canadian media market by storm. The revenue stream that mobile billboards will generate offers tremendous financial benefit to the truck companies that own or manage the trailers and RPMB, the company that will manage the day-to-day operations.

The vast majority of your trailers are blank canvasses primed to be used in a capacity greater than simply transporting or temporarily storing the goods being shipped.

This concept is nicely developing in Europe and to some degree in the Unites States. It has not however yet caught on to any sizeable degree in Canada.

Many of Canada’s trucking companies currently display corporate logos; trailer numbers, tare info and weight capacities on small portions of the trailer. Still, the vast majority of the space is left unutilized. In the format we propose there is still opportunity for trucking companies to identify themselves while utilizing the balance of the space to develop a valuable revenue source.

Through our association with sign makers, and Canada-wide installers, we can install both frame systems and banners almost anywhere you have an office and a yard in Canada.

Here’s what we’re proposing

A mutually beneficial six-way partnership between Canada trucking companies, a frame manufacturer, advertisers, a coast–to coast installer network, a print/production shop and RPMB, an agency positioned to manage the operation.

Truck Company

In the RPMB Mobile Billboard model the trucking company would agree to make available (rent) the sides and back of their trailers to an advertiser on a month-to-month basis—on a minimum 12-month contract—and ensure maximum benefit to advertisers through ongoing maintenance and cleaning.

RPMB Marketing

Would agree to coordinate advertiser sales and contract agreements and subsequent sales or renegotiations once the contract term has expired. RPMB Marketing would act as a go-between for truck companies, print shops, installers and advertisers. In addition, RPMB Marketing would administer all financial and contractural arrangements and business detail, including collections, contracts, payments and quality control.

Print / Production Shop

Will layout and design advertising campaigns, order banner product and materials and print banners.

The Advertiser

The advertiser will pay to create the banner and pay a monthly fee for the rental of the mobile billboard trailer.

The advertiser is responsible for any costs associated with damage or change-over and will agree to a contract term of not less than 12 months.

The Installer Network

Will coordinate with trucking companies to install frame systems and banners most anywhere in Canada.

The Frame Manufacturer

Will manufacture, guarantee and ship the frame systems in accordance to the terms of the RPMB/Manufacturers’ agreement.